How to save your work to a USB Memory Stick

How to save your work to a USB Memory Stick


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How to save your work to a USB Memory Stick

  1. Insert the USB Memory Stick in the slot at the front of the computer.

  2. Wait 15 seconds.

  3. Right click on your the folder with your saved work.


  4. Move the mouse over 'Send To' then left click on 'Removable Disk'

  5. To confirm your work is now saved on the USB Memory Stick double click 'My Computer'


  6. Double click 'Removable Disk'


  7. Verify that your folder and it's files are there.

  8. Warning, before you take your USB Memory Stick out of the computer you must first stop it.1

  9. In the Task Bar (where the computer shows the time) left click on the icon with the green arrow and then left click on 'Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device'


  10. Wait until you see the following message.


  11. You can now safely remove the memory stick.

1 When writing files to your usb key, the computer may very often appear to have finished. However, in reality it is "long-fingering" the write process and will complete the writing in its own time. When you "stop" the device you instruct the computer to complete all file writes so that the disk is safe to remove. If you remove a key without stopping it you risk corrupting all files on the key.

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